Peter Lyons

All day Boulder

April 13, 2011

I spent the entire day in Boulder today. Started off with Open Coffee Club early in the morning, which had some funny moments but too many announcements and side conversations. Atlas Purveyor's could really use a sun shade of some kind. Got to get into the far side of the room next time. After that I headed up to north Boulder for an extended javascript hacking session with Spencer Tipping. I learned lots of good javascript deep magic and also made some good discoveries with ....I guess I'll post the tech details on my tech blog instead. Anyway, then I grabbed some Chipotle and headed to BRC for some climbing. Got to partner up with someone and do some top roping after several weeks of mostly autobelay, which was nice. I did cleanly scend a 5.11 on autobelay, which is a good day for me (and rare). Had a nice long climbing session of mostly 5.10s and a few 5.11s. Then I coded a while at The Cup before grabbing yummy Dragon Roll sushi dinner at Hapa. I spent the evening at The Laughing Goat listening to Supercollider, who appear to be the heaviest jazz cats in the Boulder scene and are sounding really good. My new blues trio The Turtle Dove Blues Band is hoping to make our first public appearance at an open mic in Longmont on Sunday, which should be fun. Another (hopefully) full band Afrobeat rehearsal tomorrow night which I'm looking forward to.