Peter Lyons

Now are the good days

March 17, 2011

OK, here's a little recap of the past two days. Tuesday morning Boulder Open Coffee Club tech meetup. Chatted with another solopreneur and got some input on Linkzie. Coded some node.js/backbone.js goodness. Worked on business ideas. Took a long nap. Groceries/errands. Chatted with Chris. Dinner with two bandmates who showed up two hours early for rehearsal. Rehearsal in my basement for our Afrobeat band, which has now added a trombone. Stayed up late.

Slept in until ten this morning. Did some coding then headed to Longmont for a rehearsal with my blues trio project. After that since it was 75 degrees and gorgeous outside, I decided to ride one of the mountain bike trails in that neighborhood. Without specifically planning for it, I had everything I needed already in the car including obviously my bike rack and bike, helmet and gloves, active clothing from my climbing bag, clif bars, and water bottles. Rode Heil Valley Ranch. Then straight to Boulder for climbing followed by dinner at Illegal Pete's where I chatted briefly with Natty, one of the Everlater co-founders. Now for some coding to close out a great 48 hours in the land of no obligations. Hurray!