Peter Lyons

Cousins Ski Weekend

March 21, 2011

We had a great ski weekend up at Copper this weekend. Elise, Leslie, Annie and I drove up Friday morning. Bill rented us a sweet slopeside condo walking distance from the Super Bee lift. We took care of some condo/parking logistics then hit the slopes. There had been some good snow Tue/Wed so the snow was really good still, and the weather was warm and sunny. We had a great day on the slopes. We quit around 2:30 and hung out at the lodge. I found a lounge chair outside and grabbed about an hour snooze. This is a great advantage of wearing a ski helmet. You can basically lay down anywhere and you've got nice support under your head and neck making for comfy napping. I was also just feet away from the gigantic meat smoker they have there so I was wafting in delicious smoky meat smells. When I awoke, Torrey and Carl had joined our group for some post-ski beers. Then it was about time that we could get into the condo so we walked over there and unpacked.

The kitchen facilities proved inadequate to make the pizza Leslie was planning, so instead we went over to the JJs restaurant at the lodge. I got yummy pork ribs, but everybody else got mediocre pizza. Late that evening, Bill arrived with Ryan and Ed in tow from the airport. Elise invited Ed last minute and he was able to make it out, which was great. We all skied Saturday. The weather was still warm but it was windy and cold at the top and it got cloudy in the afternoon. We spent most of the afternoon skiing Timberline and I made numerous runs on Little Burn, which is a favorite run for both me and Elise. Saturday night we relaxed in the condo, watched the gigantic moon, and had a good time. Elise's roommates Hanna and Austin also drove up. We were celebrating Elise and Annie's birthday's as well.

Sunday we did a lot of packing logistics in the morning and then Elise, Ed, and I skied about half a day. It was pretty sketchy in the morning but in the afternoon Timberline had good snow so we ended up getting some good runs in. We drove back to Boulder and had a delicious pasta dinner including leftovers from the double chocolate cake Bill made for the birthdays. So that completed my Copper 4-pack so I might now be done for the season. It was a really fun weekend with lots of guests (11 total I think).

Another good week of retirement coming up. Ignite Denver is Tuesday and then on Thursday March Fourth is playing the Fox.