Peter Lyons

Mini-break in Central City

January 10, 2011

Michale and I did a spontaneous little weekend getaway this weekend. Friday morning we were planning to go up to Idaho Springs to soak in some hot springs. We booked a spa (non-refundable) but shortly thereafter Michale did some more reading of reviews and decided it was probably not going to be good. So we ended up having to go up there, take a little tour, and then decline our stay so we could get our money back. We then headed up to Central City, a little gambling town in the mountains, for our plan B spot at the Fortune Valley Hotel and Casino. The Excite travel folks told Michale it would A) have a jetted tub in the room and B) be in a separate building from the casino and C) have a mountain view, all of which turned out to be false. But anyway we made the best of it and had fun people watching the folks on oxygen tanks playing the slots.

On Saturday we heading into the little town of Central City to look for coffee and breakfast, but we found most places not quite yet open for business. We tried a restaurant on the second floor of a casino and were greeted by the single scariest host I have ever met. He was a young man probably early twenties who was not in the dining room when we arrived at the host podium. He came out from the back and had clearly been sleeping. He looked extremely tired and confused. He had a long and broad stream of drool glistening conspicuously on his chin. He seemed to have approximately four teeth. My thoughts moved instantly to "Deliverance". We had a brief chat in which he explained that he had been awake for 70 hours, although he declined to indicate any reason for this. We decided to move on.

After breakfast at another diner in town, we went up to Frisco, walked around town a little bit, and took out the sled for some more sledding. We've had two sledding trips recently. I'll post both videos below.

After sledding we went up to Breckenridge and again walked around town looking in stores and snacking on cup cakes and hot dogs. Then we headed back for the big casino buffet dinner featuring crab legs, top sirloin, clam chowder, and ice cream sundaes. Michale played the slots for a while, winning $14, and we snuggled up in our hotel room with some Dog the Bounty Hunter.

There are somepictures from the trip up.