Peter Lyons

2011 Life Reset

January 27, 2011

In August 2004 I took at job at Opsware Inc working in their professional services group helping customers install and customize their data center automation software. In June 2006 I joined the engineering department, and I've been working on that product for the past 6.5 years or so. In November 2007 Hewlett-Packard acquired Opsware and thus I've been working at HP. It's time for me to take my career in a new direction and get more control over my time, so I have quit my cushy, high-paying, corporate job to work for myself!. Hurray! Yesterday was my official last day and today is day one of my 2011 life reset.

I'm pretty excited about the future. For the past six months I've been learning modern web development during nights and weekends. I built a little prototype web application (a bookmark manager) up at, and also helped another friend of mine get his own moonlight application up and running. I've been following a lot of blogs written by self-employed software developers who have managed to earn their living building targeted web applications for small niches of users. My plan is to try my hand creating one or two information products as well as hopefully developing a web based application. I plan to try this at least through Labor Day (7 months) before considering full time employment again. This will also be a little breather period for me. A seven year itch if you will or a mini-retirement.

As my last day drew nearer, my motivation and desire to rekindle my saxophone playing got much stronger. I'm looking forward to getting back into regular practice and hopefully connecting with some local bands. Here's my current break down of projects and hobbies.

So that's the plan. We'll see what the future holds, but I'm excited about a blank canvas with lots of opportunity. I had many phone conversations with friends and family before coming to this decision, so thanks to everyone who has been there for support and advice through this process! You guys are great.