Peter Lyons

Eigenharp on rails!

October 23, 2010

Well, after over a month of shipping delays and another two months of software malfunctions, my Eigenharp Tau is now actually functional, and after a few practice sessions where the software actually does what the instructions say it is supposed to do, I've now made a bit of progress. I've figured out a few of the basic things and learned how to record multilayer loop tracks of arbitrary length with multiple voices. It's pretty fun. I'm still not fluent on the actual keyboard itself in terms of knowing that key # 27 is going to play B flat yet, but that'll come. Practicing tonight I was able to get enough going to actually enjoy it. For a while there, I was pretty pessimistic, but now the fun begins!

I've also been learning some new technologies: ruby, rails, and jQuery. I've been building a little prototype app and that has actually been going much faster than expected. That's been a fun hobby the past few weeks. Hopefully let's say before the new year, I'll post a beta of the app.