Peter Lyons

Margy's Hut Trip

September 29, 2010

So Michale and I went on a CHAOS hut backpacking trip this weekend. There were eight of us altogether and we carpooled from Boulder/Golden out I-70 to a trailhead near Lenado, CO, about 8 miles from Aspen. The hike was a bit over seven miles each way and elevation gain was around 2300 feet I think to the hut at 11,300 or so. We had never done a hut trip and didn't have the big overnight packs, so we borrowed a set from Bill and Leslie.

We saw some great Aspen trees with their leaves bright yellow, which is a great contrast to the green evergreens and clear blue Colorado sky. The group overall was pretty typical Boulder: grad students, techies, scientists, and funemployed folk. Everyone got along well.

The hut was way more luxurious that I was expecting. I had in my mind a vision of a sort of rickety lean-to type contraption with four walls. It's closer to a house than a hut. Solid walls and insulation. Windows. Two floors. Large dining room with two big picnic tables. Kitchen with three gas burners, two sinks, running water. Tons of cooking and dining stuff. Wood burning stove. Solar powered lighting. Foam beds with pillows and linens. Really the only rustic aspects were the outhouse and the lack of hot water. It was a nice surprise and we really enjoyed our time there.

On the deck of the hut Michale on the trail

After the hike down we dipped our weary feet in the ice cold stream water. We stopped at the Woody Creek Tavern for a lazy lunch. Then we took the scenic route home, following 82 east past Aspen and curving our way across Independence Pass. We were a little tired for such a long journey home, but the views were indeed nice.

Stopping for a scenic overlook

The rest of the photos are here .