Peter Lyons

Climbing, Sliding, Riding

June 10, 2010

Just a quick update on what I've been up to. Finally got over to The Spot last Thursday to boulder on their newly-added wall. It's a nice addition. Friday I lifted weights at BRC, which made me still a bit sore for climbing outdoors on Saturday. We went up Boulder Canyon with a fairly large group to Avalon. I got to cross the creek doing my first Tyrolean Traverse, which was mildly thrilling (?). We did a bunch of climbing and I think I climbed my favorite outdoor route so far.

After climbing I met up with Michale and her friend Cecilia who was in town. We wondered around the Pearl St mall a bit and eventually headed home for a nice meal with broiled salmon and some good veggies. Of course we played some Guitar Hero as well.

Sunday we had a big pancake breakfast and then had a lovely drive out to Golden to hit the Heritage Square Alpine Slide. It was pretty fun, you get a really nice view of the whole surrounding area from the ski lift that takes you to the top, and it's just $7, so overall worthwhile if you're passing through. Then we headed back to Boulder, grabbed some loaner bicycles and some eats, and then headed over to Scott Carpenter Park for the B360 Bike Ride. We had fun riding all around Boulder with a big crowd and lots of free yummies from vendors at the end.

Finally got back to the Level 2 Group Fitness class at BRC last night and then rested for an hour before my climbing partner arrived for another ninety plus minutes of climbing. Next up is a highly anticipated Imogen Heap concert on Friday in Denver, and then Saturday morning it's off to Hilton Head for the Pizzi family reunion!