Peter Lyons


February 09, 2010

So after a thorough workout at BRC tonight, I headed over the snowy roads to Zing salon in Boulder. They have late hours and happy hour discounts after 9pm, so I usually go for that. I've been there enough to know the owner Joy and her minuscule black toy poodle François. It was about 9:30 and the shop had closed down early. However, Joy was behind the register in the dark, illuminated by the glow of her PC. She had told me stories of her early days starting the business in downtown Boulder, where she hung a sign reading "If you've got money, I've got time" and would cut your hair anytime day or night. So I rapped on the door, triggering François's three-pounds-of-fury guard dog behavior, and she came and let me in. As I've been doing lately, I placed my hairstyle in her capable hands without objection and I am now suddenly two pounds lighter. We chatted enthusiastically about the new business she is opening and my upcoming trip to Belize. I counseled her as best I could based on my experience with overcoming performance anxiety at music school, and she complemented me nicely saying "that is the best advice I've heard all year". It was decidedly pleasant to have Joy and her funky salon all to myself and such a nice chat. Now, I would be doing a disservice to the great Jim Curly and Pam of Style Street in Cranford if I declared this my most enjoyable haircut experience, especially considering Pam lent me a flute for like five years, but it certainly is in the top three.