Peter Lyons

The January 2010 blog post

February 05, 2010

It's been a good start to 2010 thus far. I've started personal training with Chris Wall at the Boulder Rock Club and so far so good. He's got lots of fun and challenging exercises. I've also been to two of his level two group fitness classes entitled "Cry in the dojo". He has 12 students, 12 exercise mats, 12 heart rate monitors. Everyone wears a heart rate monitor around their chest and they all transmit back to his computer which projects onto a big screen. Everyone has a big square that changes color based on how close to your max heart rate you are. He tries to get you to spend a lot of time in the red. The class has a reputation for a reason. It's tough, but I've survived without puking twice so far. After the first time I needed about forty minutes to recover, but hopefully that will improve. I have already noticed the increased core and lower body strength in my last ski outing. I've also still been climbing a lot and setting new personal bests. I climbed another 5.11 at BRC on top rope and led my first 5.10, which was fun.

We had our second YouFilmFest party with the theme of TED talks. They are really amazing. We used youtube commercials as interludes between the talks. I still need to figure out the theme for next time.

I skied Copper with Big Wave Lew three weeks ago on a Friday. It was a gorgeous sunny and calm day and the snow was great. We got really lucky and had a great day. I'm working Sunday to Thursday now so I can ski on Fridays and avoid the weekend traffic and crowds. Two weeks later Les joined us and we had another good day. I was glad to have Les driving so I could rest up to go out that night to celebrate Michale's birthday. We had Thai food in Denver (OK, well she did because I wasn't feeling well as has been the case a lot recently), then went to see the play "Good Girls Don't, But I Do" at the Packing House Center for the Arts. It's really in an old packing house and deep into an industrial zone that made me question whether I had the right address. Michale says that makes it "fringy" though. The road narrowed as we approach the address and a group of scary looking biker dudes were there screening cars as they slowly passed through the narrow gap they had left. Apparently across the street is a biker club and these guys were making sure everyone was either A) a member of their motorcycle club or B) going to see the feminist comedy play across the street. It was funny, and the director of the theater mentioned that security was top notch. The play itself was well done, clever, and funny. There was a good mix of narrative, song, and dance. It was also refreshingly short which delighted Michale and I since we are hopeless 30-somethings who struggle valiently but unsuccessfully to make it to 11pm on a Friday.

Michale and I had a bunch of other fun dates as well, and now we're in the final preparations for our trip to Belize in less than two weeks! We did a bowling birthday party as well as a trip to Denver's weird Disneyworld type Mexican restaurant Casa Bonita. I'm taking a scuba refresher course Saturday. The winter does feel a bit long this year, so I'm looking forward to the hot weather and wearing sandals.

I haven't blogged in a month because I've been going at pretty much full speed. I've been working very long and exhausting hours trying to get my biggest project to date ready for release and otherwise just hopping from one thing to another without very much time to unwind. But it's fun to do that and a nice vacation is nearby.

And now for one of my rare touchy-feely paragraphs where I depart from the safety and comfort of mundane chronological narrative! So back in September I blogged some goals. Without much difficulty, I've achieved them all except for the "more music" one. I seem to still be in a "waiting for the muse" phase with regard to music, although I was still able to bust out the bari to seranade Michale for her birthday last week with an impromptu Happy Birthday meets bluesy funk noodling piece. So music is still simmering on the back burner. However, the rest are all in full effect. I've asked for a mentor at work and have had a few meetings with him and we're starting to get beyond the initial information dump and into concrete action items, and it's feeling good. Overall, I'm feeling a really nice balance of identifying goals, putting in some competent effort toward them, and seeing positive results pretty quickly. I think yoga has already made a noticeable improvement in the curvature of my spine and posture. I say "already" even though I've been doing it on and off for years, but I thought my posture was beyond repair when I started. However, the thing that was really great and palpable over the weekend was the feeling of having recently arrived at a new level and feeling immediately ready to go for another higher level without spending much time at the current one. I think my overall confidence at life in general is at its highest. I think I've also come full circle with my essence. By this I mean I'm deeply a left brained, type A, engineer. I've been this way from at least grammar school. For a while in my post-college years, I put a lot of effort into balancing this out and trying to grow in other directions. I feel now like I have an awareness of the places where I'm toward the edges of the bell curve. I feel a certain comfort level with enough non-type-A things, and now I'm ready to accept my talents and who I am more fully. I haven't quite gotten clarity on what the means in concrete terms yet, but there are some inklings there.