Peter Lyons

Let My Children Hear Music

January 08, 2010

So I'm up late listening to Charles Mingus's album Let My Children Hear Music, and it is just overtly beautiful. I listen to this music and immediately envision a puling, organic ballet. The music itself sounds like a living organism. It's just tremendous.

OK, now that that bit of jazz nerdery is over, here's a quick update. Over Christmas I had a nice visit with the parents. Since I was flying in to Philly, they made a day of it and went in early to shop for bar stools then see a movie. Then we went to a very fancy restaurant called James to celebrate Mom's birthday. The decor was great and the food and beer were pretty good. It was nice to have some time with just me and the folks. The Christmas festivities were good. My young nephew Will was exhibiting extreme cuteness.

I came back to Colorado after just three days and immediately hit the slopes at Breckenridge with Erin. They must have opened up a few new trails that day since we got to make a few fresh tracks. Over all for early season it was a very good day and we ended up skiing a pretty full day - more than I was anticipating. Then that Tuesday I did the CHAOS blue moon hike with Mags. It was before the official full moon, but still a gorgeous night. Clear and still and not too cold. It was a nice short hike with a picturesque section under some overhanging trees. Everyone brought something blue to share.

Michale and I spent New Year's Eve at the Phoenix Asylum Speakeasy roaring 20s party, which was a good time. Many folks had impressive costumes. Saturday I hiked Mesa trail with a big Pizzi/Abrams crew, which was a nice early morning outing still leaving a full day ahead. I got a dual membership at both Boulder Rock Club and The Spot for the next six months, so I'll be ready to do some serious outdoor climbing this Spring. I did yoga classes and climbing at BRC Monday and Tuesday and will do some bouldering at The Spot tomorrow. Michale and I are also starting to book a trip to Belize in February, which I am very much looking forward to, especially considering we are in our second severe cold snap of the season. It's six degrees outside right now.