Peter Lyons


November 09, 2009

I had a very good week and weekend this week. I went bouldering Wednesday and top rope climbing Thursday. Both were good sessions but I'm in need of a few days rest for sure. I have a new pull up bar in the yoga room so I was messing around with that as well. Saturday I did some nice yoga and went for a run. Then I headed in to Denver to help Michale get a couch into her apartment. We had a fantastic meal at Watercourse, a really cool vegan restaurant. It was delicious. I had polenta with cashew butter, carrots, beats, and grilled tofu. When we were done I wanted to eat it again. We also got two delicious desserts to go. After a brief tour through the Tattered Cover book store we headed home to lounge on the couch with our decadent vegan cake. It was heavenly.

I'm currently in DIA headed out to California this week for work.