Peter Lyons


October 09, 2009

Just a quick note that so far so good in October. Work is not going so great but we're making some progress. I feel ready to just sprint at top speed but our tools and codebase are just not conducive to that. I feel like I've spent months planning a great road trip and getting psyched up for it - bought my snacks, made my playlists, and then I go into the garage and the car has been completely disassembled down to the last bolt. Can't go anywhere until you rebuild it from scratch. Anyway, that's work. Now on to play.

I climbed at The Spot again today and felt strong for the first time since August. I climbed a bunch of 3-spot intermediate problems and did some yoga while I rested my forearms. There is always a motley crew of outcasts at The Spot. It gives it a funny vibe. The strength training class was there climbing while wearing weighted packs. They also were giving away their old Chris Sharma King Lines posters, so I got some schwag for my yoga room. Yes, I have a little room in the basement just for yoga. I bought some candles for in there and I've been putting it to good use. Noticeable improvement in my crow pose, wheel, and other inversions. I'm hoping soon to install some gymnastic rings and a chin-up bar in there soon too.

I've got some very fun Halloween plans set up and all of a sudden have made tons of social plans for the coming days. Oh and on Tuesday I did a CHAOS full moon hike at night that was a lot of fun. The air has that yummy fall crispness now. It's cold here and will be snowy over the weekend. I got my season pass (I think this is my first ever legitimate unrestricted season pass, another mountain milestone) and A-basin is opening up this weekend already.

Saturday there is a Developer Day conference in Boulder as well as a Python Unconference hosted at the Google Boulder office. I'm signed up for both. I'm going to have to overlay the schedules. I'll bring my BMX bike so I can cruise back and forth to the interesting talks. They are just a few blocks apart. I'll be curious to see what the attendees are like.