Peter Lyons


October 11, 2009

Oh man. Holy crap. This thing looks awesome.

Slight change of plans today but all for the better. :-) (inside joke). I got to most of the Developer Day which was cool. There is a tech startup incubator company called TechStars in downtown Boulder that I wasn't aware of. It is encouraging to know that it is there, though. I also got to meet Bruce Eckel, the author of the first ever book on computer programming I used (his Thinking In Java was the text for my now-infamous CS 150 class). We have a lot in common: java, python, colorado (with the implicit skiing, hiking, mountain biking), and Burning Man, so it was fun to meet him and chat briefly at the happy hour after his talk. I also went to the Google Boulder office where they were hosting a Python Unconference. As I said in my facebook status update "The fucking Google Boulder office has a fucking rock climbing wall in the fucking lobby". :-)

I hate emoticons. I can't believe I used two in this post.