Peter Lyons

Black Angels

October 05, 2009

This was a very good weekend with a pretty good balance of activities. Friday was a fairly terrible day at work;I was consumed entirely by sideways firefighting and explaining to management that we won't be ready to ship in two months. After that I went into Boulder to meet up with a friend for my curious obsession: bubble tea. Thankfully I arrived a few minutes early and could just catch my breath and unwind from work and try to let some of the frustrations go. It worked well enough that I could enjoy the evening but wasn't really gone yet. We walked with our Bubble Teas over to Mackey to hear the Kronos Quartet play a concert of contemporary music. I really enjoyed all the pieces. They also did their signature piece: George Crumb's Black Angels, which I also enjoyed hearing live. I rounded out the night with some buffalo wings, which I had a strange craving for.

Saturday during the day I exercised with yoga, weights, and swimming. I set another personal best: 65 laps, which is about two miles. It took me about an hour and a half or so which is about four different lifeguard shifts, apparently. Then I went to a party with Erin thrown for a bunch of her friends/family celebrating three concurrent pregnancies in their core group. Afterward we went to hear Galactic at the Fox Theater, which was a pretty good show and enthusiastically received by the Boulder crowd. The covered a Balkan Beat Box tune, which is unbelievably hip, and their drummer is the amazing Stanton Moore.

Today it's mostly working from home on a Sunday, but I'm making some good progress which has been long awaited. Lots more good stuff in store for October.