Peter Lyons

Back at it

September 19, 2009

It's nice being back home. I climbed in the gym Sunday and Wednesday. That is the end of my BRC punch pass so I won't be going back much. It's on to the shiny new Movement Climbing and Fitness. I've been doing yoga at home and enjoying that. Thursday I biked the great Betasso Loop trail and today I rode from my house around the Wurl wildlife preserve and around Davidson Mesa. I was just a few minutes late to see the sun dip behind the mountains from the mesa, but I'll catch it sometime next week. Tomorrow is climbing outdoors in Clear Creek Canyon followed by a night on the town in Denver to see a Judy Tenuta comedy show. Sunday is my birthday and my Aunt is nice enough to cook me a yummy dairy-free breakfast and then take me hiking up in Indian Peaks. Hurray.