Peter Lyons


August 02, 2009

Tuesday night I ate something evil. I think it was some carrots that had gone bad. I'm not sure. But in any case, I must have gotten some bad food parasite because I was up all night puking and in bad shape most of the day Wednesday. So I called in sick Wednesday and slept most of the day. I thought I was mostly better Thursday so I worked a full day and went to the climbing gym, but after a few 5.10+ routes I could tell I was still not quite right so I went home. Friday it seemed to resurge so I called in sick again. I had a flight booked to San Francisco Friday afternoon but I declared myself unfit to travel and moved it to Sunday morning. I slept most of the day Friday as well and then ten hours Friday night, so when I awoke today I was pretty much as well rested as I can ever remember being. I also hadn't eaten much of anything since Tuesday but finally felt up to it so in the morning I had a nice omelet.

I was a bit bummed because I have been looking forward to a reunion with my ex-NYC friends in San Francisco for a while, but I'll see them about twelve hours from now. However I had a free day that I wasn't planning on having so I asked Erin if she wanted to go wind surfing, but she had already made plans to go to the Spruce Pool in Boulder. I had enough time before that to run some quick errands on my bike. Now I have a respectable set of mountain bike repair parts and tools such that if my bike brakes down in some obvious-how-to-repair-way there's a certain chance of me fixing it independently, albeit a small chance. Then I packed up my pool gear, slurped down a quick smoothie, and drove to Erin's house. We biked through town, stopping at Feather Thy Nest to look at second hand furniture. We then met up with Heidi at the pool and lounged around a while. Then we all went and swam laps. The pool felt fantastic. It was warm and sunny and I hadn't exercised much this week but I was feeling good so I swam forty laps and enjoyed every one. My recent swimming has been indoors at 24 Hour Fitness usually at 9 or 10 pm, and swimming outside on a sunny afternoon just felt great.

After the pool we rode over to Lark Burger which is supposed to have some yummy burgers. We giggled as a goofy looking, stuck-in-2001 dude with spiky gel hair, saggy jeans with a big white belt, and a gaudy necklace made some fairly lame passes (including forcing an unwarranted high five) at the cashier who was totally not impressed. Then we enjoyed our meal. My burger was pretty good although my taste for burgers is rapidly fading away. The home made lemonade was quite refreshing though. I've tried several places in recent years that are reputed to have good hamburgers but my expectations are never really met. Erin had a greasy turkey burger that made her totally over-greased and yucked out. Of course this is just a few minutes before her pick-up soccer game. She has a tendency to be somehow ill prepared for the soccer games every time it seems.

So Erin went and played in a huge pick-up soccer game which eventually got so big and confusing that they broke into two games. I watched amusedly and spoke to Matt on the phone briefly. We headed back to her house so she could shower and delegate her chore of exercising her two golden retrievers by riding around the block with them chasing me. So I took the dogs around the block and they chased cats and birds and ran into peoples' yards so I called their names and they ignored me.

Then we headed to Boulder Outdoor Cinema for a screening of The Princess Bride. We got a miracle parking spot and decent seats for the theater. The screen looked quite good outside and everybody loves this movie. I was particularly amused that this entire day I spent in my sandals, board shorts, and sun shirt which gives it that extra summer bathing-suit-all-day flare that I do so enjoy.

Tomorrow it's off to San Francisco first thing in the morning. Hoping to be chilling in the park with Pat and Marcia and Rebecca by lunch time.