Peter Lyons

Great Day

August 23, 2009

Today is a great day. I got up early hoping to catch my parents before they drove to the airport but they had already left. But this meant I was up early and ready to start my day. I started laying out all of my Burning Man gear on the garage floor. I hope to complete 90% of the preparation and packing today. I thoroughly washed my poor little Kelty tent that is still wimpering in fear from last year. However, it's about as clean as a tent that has already been to Burning Man can be and the Colorado sun dried it out in about an hour. I'm hoping to buy a small BMX bike for the burn today as well if Craigslist comes through (and it always does).

I am listening to Taproot, which I haven't in a long time and it is blending great with my energy today. I made a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, many slices of watermelon, and some peach pie leftover from the BBQ Friday night. It was delicious. Plus there are chocolate chip cookies available. Oh, and I'm totally excited since my parents brought my tenor sax out with them. I don't think I've played my tenor saxophone since probably early 2007 sometime. In October 2007 when I left for Romania and started this blog, I lent it to my friend Alex, who took good care of it and played it for two years. But now I have it back and I can try to play some Joe Henderson and some Joshua Redman on it. I'm excited to do that.

I'm just full of good feelings today. I have social outings planed after work with interesting and fun women for the next three days. Summer is coming to a very pleasant close here.