Peter Lyons

Sourdough Trail

July 13, 2009

Saturday I rode with some CHAOS folks on Sourdough Trail up between Nederland and Ward. It was a pretty challenging ride, but I stayed on the bike about 85% of the way I'd say. I even cruised over two log jumps, although I chickened out of a third that looked more like a log wall than a log jump. The new bike worked well. I am just learning to use pedal clips so I toppled over at zero MPH twice trying unsuccessfully to get my feet out in time to arrest the fall. The group was nice and all good riders so it was a good time. I have some tentative plans for a second attempt next weekend.

This morning I did another highly successful yard sale tour and got a bunch of great stuff. I loaded a computer desk, night table, small shelf unit, and watering can into my Rogue and put a big five foot tall wooden shelf on the roof rack. The Rogue is proving really handy for the outdoor sports toys and household chores. I'm really liking it.

I also met some of my neighbors. They all seem really nice and so far are all of similar age to me. My direct neighbor to the north is another single computer dude who bought his house just a few weeks after I bought mine.

I filled out the day with tweaking my lawn sprinkler, climbing at BRC, swimming (check out this Tim Ferriss blog post on total immersion swimming), and finally caving in and joining teh facebooks. So look out for friend requests coming your way. Oh and yesterday I bought a grill! I hold grills as a somewhat sacred object and so it is with much joy that I shopped, purchased, transported, and assembled mine. Sadly removing the liquid propane connection to install the natural gas line has proven impossible for me due to a bolt that refuses to loosen, so I have to admit defeat and get a handyman to do it on Tuesday. In any case, a celebratory grilling will be done Tuesday. I may bust out the chicken rotisserie next Thursday for a pot luck. We'll see.