Peter Lyons

Independence Day

July 06, 2009

I worked a bit in the peace and quiet of the holiday on Friday, which was nice. In the evening Erin and I walked in to old town Louisville to meet up with weiskind and rayhawk for dinner and drinks. We had a few laughs at Empire diner with regard to accidentally making out with the bar tender.

Saturday was my personal economic stimulus plan. I hit four garage sales before 9am and scored some great patio furniture dirt cheap plus some other assorted sundries (free stapler!). Then I did a bunch more shopping all over the place for various little items for the house. In the evening I caught the last bit of a trivial pursuit game (25th Anniversary Edition) at the Pizzi's then went with Erin to watch the fireworks at the CU football stadium. That ended up being a lot of fun. The crowd was throwing paper airplanes all over the place, and the fireworks were basically right in front of our faces. After that we tooled around town a bit on bikes and stopped at Haagen-Dazs for the first ice cream I have eaten since November. mocha chip.