Peter Lyons

House of fun

July 02, 2009

Well, it's really nice here. That's what I have to say. The street is a quiet dead end cul-de-sac. This is similar to my beloved Crescent Pl where I grew up. It may be simple psychology at work, and that's fine. I like it. Things are making improvements quickly. The lawn sprinkler has been repaired and is working, lawn has been mowed, a gas line for the stove and grill has been added, and new dual-fuel range has been installed, various electrical problems have been fixed or improved, a radon mitigation system has been installed, packages from home have arrived, the mystery of how to open the stopper on the downstairs bathroom sink drain has been solved (you push it down to make it pop up! who knew?), plates and some basic housewares have been purchased (square, blue & gold). I still haven't been here a week! So in general I'm liking it quite a lot. I'm enjoying breakfast in the sun on the deck getting my sleep clock reset and some vitamin D. The handy man says it is easy to run speaker wire in the attic to any room upstairs. Score! I went downstairs and told the plumber that it smelled like gas when he left the new gas outlet in the kitchen open while he was installing it. House didn't explode. Score! I even ventured slightly out of my programmer world of clean and pure digital abstractions to the brick and mortar world of home ownership by replacing all the locks myself and even changing some lightbulbs. Impressive, I know. I used the drill and everything.

Ownership feels nice. It's control. There were a bunch of long and questionable extension cords strung around in the garage for the garage door opener and sprinkler. It's my house. I had an electrician install power outlets next to each of them. That's so cool! Louisville is pretty darn idyllic. I haven't done much exploring yet, but I can tell I will really like it here.

Unfortunately the exit process of the last (last!) apartment hit some problems. My crappy bike and my landlord's crappy bike got stolen from the back yard (behind a tall solid fence) on the day before move out. I even tried to put my bike on my bike rack and take it to the new place but it didn't fit so I left it one more day and it got jacked. We also had the last of several plumbing backups we have had in that apartment, which created an annoyance and issue to be argued over with the landlords. Oh well.

I also just want to again note that Imogen Heap is just so adorable. Her new album Ellipse comes out August 24. Can't wait.

Later tonight I will bust out the bari sax for the first time in a long time and wail downstairs. It will be loud. No one will care. Mission accomplished.