Peter Lyons


July 11, 2009

Tuesday morning I climbed my personal best: a 5.11-. w00t!

Thursday night I bought my fancy 3-figure mountain bike (as distinguished from my 2-figure mountain bike that was stolen last month). It's still pretty much the cheapest thing stores in Boulder will sell, but at least it has hydraulic disc brakes and a shock lock-out. I also got real mountain biking shoes with clips and everything. Hopefully all this gear doesn't backfire on me tomorrow when I ride with some CHAOS folks on a trail that will probably be way too hard for me.

So after I got the bike Thursday night and tested it out a bit I quickly grabbed a pre-show burrito at Illegal Pete's. We saw some petty thief clutching what was presumably a purse being chased on foot by a policeman, who we cheered on even though it was clear with his bulky uniform and equipment belt he wasn't going to be catching up with the nimble thief. However, he was barking coordinates into his radio so hopefully teamwork and technology prevailed. Then I went to Boulder Theater and heard the band Albino. It was a dual CD release party with The Motet. Albino is a great ten-piece afrobeat group from the bay area. This band played a very memorable concert at Burning Man last year on Wednesday in the saddle amphitheater that was right behind the Freedom Community camp. They will always have a special place in my heart for that. The Boulder crowd was of course way into it, so it was a good show. They played "Thriller" as an MJ tribute which was really fun. The horn section even did the zombie dance. At intermission the horn section joined up with the local Batteria Allegria and jammed while walking around amongst the crowd, which was a nice touch. Sadly I forgot my earplugs and even though I tried one gas station in the final minutes before curtain, I didn't have enough time to buy some, so I had to leave shortly after The Motet's set began because it was just too loud.

Today I began the process of meeting my new neighbors. I met three so far and hopefully tomorrow more of them will be home when I go ringing doorbells. It's looking to be a good weekend overall.