Peter Lyons


June 30, 2009

Sunday we hike up to Saddle Rock in the morning and then went tubing on Boulder Creek. The water was running really really fast. It was essentially class III rapids I would say. We walked along the creek for a mile and only found about a two block stretch that looked like it could be done in a tube without certain demise. Big Wave Lew went over an extra waterfall that Erin and I were too chicken to attempt. We walked back up a few times and did the same section over and over. We got a lot of comments from passing pedestrians and cyclists to the effect of "you guys are nuts", which Lew particularly enjoyed. We only ran into one other group of tubers on the water. We saw lots of people renting tubes but no one tubing the section of creek we were on. This one set of tattoo-laden guys came out looking like drowned rats. We asked what it was like and they said they started way up at Eben Fine Park and "we got fucked up", so we were glad we didn't go any further west.