Peter Lyons

A place to call home

June 28, 2009

I closed on my new house and I'm all moved in! It feels really great. Moving is easy when you are a nomad (now former nomad). I've been filling shopping carts at all the stores to get all the stuff I need. I hired a personal assistant off of craigslist and she has been a huge help coordinating cleaners, plumbers, electricians, handy men, landscapers, utilities, etc. The house feels great - especially my new memory foam mattress and new pillows. Click on the photo above for a few more shots, but the place is still essentially empty so I'll post more photos in a while.

You will also find there some photos from a recent CHAOS hike up to Royal Arch. Other than dealing with the house closing, I started doing some swimming at the gym and enjoying that. It's been a while since I posted so I'm omitting and forgetting some things, but I guess that's motivation to try to blog in a timely manner. Anyway, tomorrow we hike Green Mountain followed by tubing on Boulder Creek which should be a good time.