Peter Lyons

Boo LiveNation. Boo Macky

May 04, 2009

So last night Bill Maher performed at Colorado University's Macky Auditorium. For reasons I can't possibly fathom, a university event, which have thus far been pleasantly shielded from the antagonistic over-commercialization of live performance, decided to sell tickets through the evil incarnate LiveNation corporation. Maybe the deals are arranged such that you can't get Bill Maher unless you book and sell tickets through LiveNation? Not sure. Anyway, I harbor a deep resentment for these greedy evil bastards who charge unbelievably large "convenience fees" for services that any other online retail considers just a normal part of doing business on line. I've started boycotting LiveNation events, but I was in luck this time since I now live just a few blocks from the Macky box office. However, in a seeming effort to discourage the audience and basically spit on their patrons, the Macky box office didn't staff anyone on the phone the day of the show. Instead they played a recorded message saying there might be some tickets left and that the box office would open at 6:30pm. So I went there at 6:30pm and stood in line with about 40-50 other people for 20 minutes in the cold and drizzling rain outside waiting for Macky to open up their box office. Did they open on time? No. Did they let the line into the lobby out of the rain? No. Did anyone come out to apologize and say when they would be opening? No. Did I get disgusted and leave after twenty minutes of this? Yes.

CU, WTF is with LiveNation? Just sell us tickets either online or in person with no offensive "fees". You have an army of cheap labor at your fingertips ready to answer phones, build and maintain online ticket sales systems, and staff your events. Why do you need to outsource this to a company that is basically bringing airline customer service to live performance?