Peter Lyons

Andy on Bud Light

May 26, 2009

So in a rare event Andy is watching some TV to watch the Denver/LA basketball play off. The Bud Light commercial where they throw some dweeb out of a third floor corporate office building comes on, and Andy quips "Bud Light: The beer drunk by idiotic Corporations at their stupid-ass meetings"! Love it.

Well, we have had a rainy Memorial Day weekend here in Boulder, but still a lot of fun. This weekend was the Boulder Creek Festival and the Bolder Boulder 10k race, both of which I bypassed. Sunday I had a really fun mountain bike ride on the Wapiti trail with some folks from CHAOS. The trail was a lot rockier than I remembered from hiking it. Luckily Josh was nice enough to lend me a decent mountain bike to use which proved to be absolutely critical. The riding was really really enjoyable. Just hard enough and rocky enough to keep me nervous and concentrating and in "flow", but still doable.