Peter Lyons

Road Trip April 09

April 04, 2009

Today we embarked on a road trip. We left Boulder at 5:30 and headed up 25 into Wyoming then east on 80. We got hit with some snow which was at times pretty bad and lots of wind. The ride was fun though with some good conversation and music. We pulled into Elk Mountain, Wyoming - population 192 for dinner. The vibe at the Elk Mountain Trading Post/Cafe was nice. They had a fish tank with especially clean glass, one pool table, and pretty decent food. The waitress (who also does the local weather announcements) says we can expect about ten inches of snow. I'm hoping it won't be that bad, but we'll see. We ventured another 42 miles to Rawlings, where we are holed up for the night. Hopefully we'll have a full day of top speed driving tomorrow, but the weather will probably slow us down.