Peter Lyons

Found a house!

April 27, 2009

So after almost eight months of searching, about 33 viewings, looking at many hundreds of web pages, getting outbid twice, and having two uncooperative sellers, I have finally at long last found a fantastic house in Louisville and signed a contract to purchase it! I'll post more details after closing and it is officially mine (end of May).

Friday I went to meet a new friend and we ended up going to a minigolf/batting/driving range/arcade type amusement park. We only had a few minutes, but I did a few tokens in the batting cages. I have had this weird jonesing to see if I can still hit a baseball for a while, so it was fun to finally satisfy that. It turns out that yes, I can still hit them. I made contact with just about every pitch, fouled off an awful lot, but had a fair share of good long drives. When it comes to golf though, I've never done it and I was pretty much a complete disaster at the driving range. Whiffing was common. Driving 18 yards at ground level was common.

Last night Andrew and I went to a very underwhelming improv comedy show in Denver. Andrew has been designing, making, and drinking banana-based smoothies like a madman recently. I've been partaking fairly regularly as well, although my obsession recently has been homemade chicken burritos with black beans and rice.

Now, the real big news is that probably within the next day or so I will be an Uncle! My sister is going to the hospital to deliver her baby boy this evening and they are planning to induce labor tomorrow. We are all very excited and filled with anticipation for Baby Murz (as he is thus far known).