Peter Lyons

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

March 19, 2009

NYC's long-running Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, originally started as the Thad Jones Mel Lewis Orchestra in the 1960s, was here at CU Boulder last night. They put on a pretty good show with memorable playing from trumpeter Terell Stafford, trombonist Jason Jackson, and alto saxophonist Jaleel Shaw. Tenor man Ralph LaLama is known to be about as hard-swinging as they come, but his playing last night didn't deliver what I was hoping for. I've seen this band a few times and they are usually funny because the sax section always has some kooky night owl jazzers who look disoriented and disheveled out in the world before 2am. They won a grammy last year and Jim McNeely's arrangements are really fresh and tasty.

Tonight I learn to lead climb at BRC.

I have another great concert scheduled for next week, but that's a surprise.