Peter Lyons

Gym rat

January 20, 2009

I've become a bit of a gym rat this month. I've been lifting weights and jogging three miles at least every other day. It's getting to be fun and gives me a chance to load up my mp3 player with lots of hardcore heavy metal/punk type stuff and some techno.

Last weekend I saw some pretty funny short comedy films in Denver at the Festivus Film Festival. I also just want to state that I am putting forth that Six Feet Under Season Two Episode One "In the Game" is the pinnacle of the black comdey genre.

We had a great day skiing at Copper Mountain Saturday. It was quite warm, clear sunny skies, and no wind. Still plenty of good snow, though. I must say having the rear bumper of the rogue to sit on while you don your ski boots is far superior to trying this from a sedan.

That's mostly it. I'm starting to flip through the book "1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die", which I bought for myself while Christmas shopping and my mother also ended up getting as a gift for me. It's nice to go check out their suggestions on Rhapsody.

Skiing at Copper Mountain

...oh yeah...and it's 66 degrees and gorgeous out right now. Time to run outside!