Peter Lyons

Ozrics, Crystal Method, Likeness to Lily

December 06, 2008

So we had a yummy Thanskgiving at the Pizzis with lots of eating and playing of games. Last week I did a ton of climbing with Becky on Friday and Saturday. We were planning to climb outdoors Saturday but it ended up being cold and snowy so we climbing for three and a half hours indoors anyway. Becky has been climbing a lot in the past six weeks, so at this point she is noticably better than me, but I'm working on catching up. I'm setting my lower boundary to 5.9+.

Last Friday I went to the Fox Theatre for a show by the Ozric Tentacles. I had never heard of them, but their stuff is surprisingly good to code to. Lots of amusing aging hippies at the show as well. I went back on Tuesday for The Crystal Method, a pair of dance/electronica big beat DJs. It was by far the closest to a rave I have been. The young college kids were out in force with their glow sticks and big sun glasses. Some good people watching. One kid jumped on stage, stage dove (I guess technically that part was a success) but the crowd surfing that usually immediately follows a good stage dive was a failure. He crashed to the floor and pissed off some folks on the way down. One kid punched him right in the jaw as soon as he got up and knocked him right back down. I was also situated in a spot on the elevated platform about three steps above the floor right in front of the stage and got to witness little white pills (presumably Ecstasy) being sold directly below me. The purchasers of said pills then later on took turns shaking glow sticks around in elaborate trippy patterns in front of each others' faces.

Yesterday we had our first legitimate snow here in town. For some reason, they seem to just not plow here in Boulder. I guess if it dumps like a foot and the weather calls for clouds for a week, they sound out the plows, but otherwise they assume the Sun will melt it in a day or two. So anyway, I'm glad to have all wheel drive and a heavier car and not be fishtailing all over the place.

Oh yes! One last thing. The new Likeness to Lily album, Fairwell, Recruit is finally out! I highly recommend this band and this album. I went to about a dozen of their live shows in 2006/2007 as they were creating the songs on this album. I'm giddy to finally have recordings after hearing so many live shows. (And I totally scored First Post on downloading the mp3s).