Peter Lyons

Houses, cars, visitors

November 03, 2008

Ah, much fun in Boulder was had today! But I see now that the blog has gone for a few weeks with no update, so here's a quick summary.

I put an offer on a house that I very much liked, but the sale was contingent on the seller getting a new job and relocation package, which fell through the same day I made my offer, so they withdrew the house from the market. Bummer. So it's back to square one essentially since there are no other offer-worthy homes on the market right now.

This has had significant impact on my other late October logistics. I canceled my trip home, partly because my moving logistics would be at that same time and partly to be around in case any last-chance-before-the-holiday-trough listings came up. So that meant I had to find other temporary housing. The good news there was that there were at least a few fairly good matches for temporary furnished rentals on the market. I almost rented one place a mile from the Boulder Rock Club, but eventually had second thoughts when their rental application asked for my bank account numbers and credit card numbers and they wanted to run a criminal background check. So I ended up renting a very comfy tri-level home in Gunbarrel, which is an area on the north east outskirts of Boulder. Overall, it's a pretty convenient location. Man, what a difference 3500 ft of elevation makes! It has been in the low seventies here in the afternoons all week. Much nicer than the howling wind and cold up in Coal Creek Canyon.

The other nice thing about this place is I can stay as long as through the end of April if the house hunt is a complete disaster. So very hopefully this will be the last (#8 in a year!) temporary rental home before I move into my own place.

Sadly Halloween this year was a complete flop. I got a sore throat Wednesday night that was fairly annoying Thursday and by after lunch Thursday I stopped eating. So on Halloween I had a terrible sore throat, didn't eat anything, and felt sick and tired. I tried to work a bit in the morning, but around 10:30 we lost power, and it ended up staying out for over three hours. On top of that, I ran the dishwasher for the first time in the new house that morning and for reasons yet to be determined it leaked into the basement. So I'm here on my cell phone calling plumbers, with a sore throat and no power on Halloween. Major bummer. I eventually called in sick/powerless to work and slept most of the day. My costume and make-up went unused. I bought two big bags of candy anticipating a horde of trick-or-treaters, and left it out in a bowl for them to avoid spreading my sore throat, but only a handful (if any, I'm not sure), came, so now I have to find some way to get rid of this candy or otherwise ration it out over like six months.

Yesterday was a day of intense car shopping. I test drove a Nissan Rogue, a Honda CR-V, and a Subaru Forester. It's a very close decision. I think the expertise of the Pizzi boys will need to be called in. I've been flip-flopping between the Rogue and the CR-V as my top choice.

Today was awesome excercise day! I biked 5.5 miles to The Spot Bouldering gym. Did a pretty long bouldering workout, then biked back.

Soon, visitors! ikioi and aps101 will both be here to visit this month, even with about 4 days overlap! Fun will be had for sure.