Peter Lyons

The Overload

September 08, 2008

You know, I think it's a good thing that I'm bathing in scenic mountain beauty for the next two months and have access to a hot tub. I think I'll need the relief given the number of things coming to pass at the same time. I just rolled off the main product I have been working on for four years onto a new project, so there's lots of work and stress associated with that. Burning man actually also generated a lot of clean-up chores back home and I'm still not done with those. I took the car to the car wash, but they really don't measure up to playa dust. It's cleaner, but still needs more work.I have to buy a new car capable of handling the mountains, get a mortgage, shop for and buy a house. Needless to say, my to-do list will be lengthy for a while. Here are some photos of the house:

Wondervu House



So far the weather has been nice. Today it was gorgeous - 70 degrees and sunny. I did some much-needed yoga outside and then went for a run in my new running shoes after a professional gait analysis and fitting at Boulder Running Company yesterday.