Peter Lyons

The new project and Burning Man

August 24, 2008

OK, I'm all done with Flagstaff. The Green Machine is once again fully loaded and ready to drive out to Burning Man. The last two weeks here have gone by quickly. Burning Man generates a ridiculous amount of chores and to-do items. Plus I had to spend 6 days total in Cupertino this month. Last week was some transition stuff and the past two days I was there for some Agile Development/Scrum training. Yesterday was my last official day assigned to the HP Server Automation project, which I have been working on exclusively since I joined Opsware in August 2004. Actually, I just now realize today exactly completes my fourth year at Opsware. In September, I'll be working on a new project, which is going to be a big change, and hopefully all for the better. New code base, get to pick our own tools, better lab, no customers (yet), no huge ominous backlog of bugs, no legacy code written by dozens of different people in different languages over a period of eight years, no tech support escalations, no sales demos, etc, etc.

So the plan is to leave within the next 30 minutes or so, get some gas and lunch, then drive about 4 hours to Las Vegas. Find some cheap hotel and just wonder around Las Vegas tonight. Then tomorrow drive another 8 hours or so to Reno, NV and meet up with the Freedom Community camp convey, which should depart out for Black Rock City (the temporary city where Burning Man occurs) sometime around midnight Sunday. The man burns the following Saturday night, and then that Sunday I hope to get from Black Rock City to Park City, UT, but there's a good chance I won't get that far. Then on Labor Day I try to make it to Golden, Colorado. I've rented a gorgeous house up at 9,000 ft in the mountains about 35 minutes outside of Boulder. It has spectacular views and a fantastic outdoor hot tub built amongst a huge enclave of giant boulders. Then the new project at work starts as does the house hunt.

Anyone placing bets on whether I last a week out in the desert with no power and no plumbing and 50,000 hippies and freaks?