Peter Lyons

West Hollywood

June 09, 2008

I had a nice drive down to Los Angeles on Saturday. Upon arrival in West Hollywood I immediately spotted two transvestites walking the street - OK, I'm back in a huge city again. I met up with Andrew and we walked around West Hollywood a bit. We walked past a small fashion show on a side street and around some of the retail areas and residential neighborhoods. We walked past the line for hot dogs at Pink's. We met one of Andrew's fellow Ogdormers Madrew and headed to the Newsroom Cafe for dinner. Then Andrew and I went to see some improv acting. There is a group here that does long form improvisation, and they are currently doing a soap opera form. So we saw an improvised soap opera including the "previously on Avalon Terrace" and "next week on Avalon Terrace" montages. Overall it was pretty funny with some clever and well done bits. Then it was to Farmer's Market for some dessert.

This morning we went to Manhattan Beach where Andrew had a piano lesson to teach, so during that I walked around Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach and watched beach volleyball and all the bikers, runners, and surfers. It was great weather around 75 degrees. I had my camera but left the battery at home, so sadly no pictures of all the cool vintage convertibles.

This evening I reunited with my old Oberlin College roommate. We had some delicious burgers at Father's Office and had some nice conversation. Tomorrow it's back to work.