Peter Lyons

Sunnyvale last hurrah

June 07, 2008

So this was my last week of working at the old Opsware HQ in Sunnyvale. On June 20th they are closing the building and everyone is relocating to HP Cupertino. It was a particularly vivid week for me. It is a completely different experience to interact with people face to face, and much more intense. During the week I noticed and was thankful for the large number of heavy hitters I get to work with. hmp packed up the map room and folks are generally starting to put all the stuff in their cubes into boxes. There was higher then average nerf weaponry in the air this week, and folks overall seemed a bit giddy. Friday afternoon beers happened since that will no longer be tolerated at the new office. On Friday Ed came to visit and we went out drinking with three of the old Loudcloud guys, which was a lot of fun. OK, now the final Comfort Inn make-your-own waffle and then it's on the road to L.A.