Peter Lyons

Brimming with vitality

March 27, 2008

OK, after experiencing a bit of blog inferiority complex (tm) after reading the blogs of ikioi, weiskind, and Jamie Sue, I want to post a more touchy-feely post containing no chronological narrative. So I just wanted to post that I feel at this instant a new plateau. I am full of vitality these days and feel like my overall skills at being me are at their highest level ever. I'm working well and hard on multiple interesting and important projects at work. I'm rock climbing enough to make some improvement. I'm finding extra Cannonball Adderley transcriptions to practice online. I haven't been sleeping properly this week, but I still feel a strong clarity and can still multitask at high RPMs. I'm getting good at complex decisions and I think when I do settle on a city and a house to buy, I'll be confident and happy with my choice. I am talking to strangers (and often trusting them with my life moments later while they belay me). I have ended my gosh-maybe-the-iPhone-is-the-thing-to-make-me-buy-another-Apple-product phase and decided to stick with my beloved Palm OS and get a Centro. I'm currently inspired by Derek Sivers of and folks like Craig Newmark and NiN. The power of the Internet is awe inspiring.

Ack....type-A personality takes over....ack....stop that.... tomorrow I'm flying to HP headquarters in Cupertino and back to Boise on Friday narrative....ack...met another HP employee who is a printer firmware engineer and plays violin in the Boise Philharmonic....ack...bad type-A personality...bad...