Peter Lyons

More Cluj night life

October 13, 2007

My first Friday in Cluj I went out with Horatiu to some local bars.  We first tried Janis Pub, which was having some live music as part of the Transilvania Jazz Festival .  However, the solo piano was either horribly amplified or it was an electric piano, so we moved on to a bar called Fire.  This was the more dive bar punk rock scene.  We hung out there most of the night.  The crowd here was certainly more diverse and interesting than in the clubs.  Many of the girls seem to cut their hair by jumping on a trampoline below a sharp ceiling fan, though.  There was a small non-smoking section through a corridor, which was completely blocked with smokers taunting anyone who attempted to go in there.

When someone puked and the crowd around him took no notice of it, I glanced at Horatiu, and he said right away "it happens".  I decided to head out at that point.