Peter Lyons

Man Card revoked!

October 19, 2007

So we had a nice dinner out at Uberto's on Thursday night.  Matt K has joined us from California this week.  On the walk back to the hotel, a pair of young girls asked us for a light ("fire") in broken English.  We apologized, explaining that we were American and did not smoke.  Romanians can't seem to understand this.  Flori at work just asked me "why not" when I told her I didn't smoke, as if she had never heard of such a thing.

In any case, this encounter, which I will refrain from further comment on, yielded this email the following day:

The findings of the super-secret-emergency calling of the “Man Commission of Romania”, following this known as ‘Us or We’, have been made.

We assess you a ‘FAIL’ for not picking up drunk women on the night of October 18th. The further details of such finding are as follows:

  1. In that you proceeded to converse with said impaired female for a time period exceeding 15 minutes.
  2. In that you (and your duly appointed wingman) were aware of interest in you on the part of one of these individuals.
  3. In that multiple attempts to lure you along with them to some ‘unspecified location’ met with less than exuberant response by you (as witnessed by your wingman and 2 other members of this commission)
  4. In that you proceeded to your room and did not leave immediately to pursue correction of said infraction of Man Law.

This commission further asserts that you, Peter Lyons, must summarily submit your Man Card to this commission for summary punishment. J