The Stretch of VitalitySun Sep 30 2018 02:50:00 GMT+0000 (UTC) LyonsEurope TripSun Sep 30 2018 02:50:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<h2 id="pardon-the-delay">Pardon the Delay</h2> <p>OK so this post covers July 2018 put it took me until October 2018 to post it. Sorry. Also I ran out of both steam and memory for some of the last few days so it starts to get pretty sparse.</p> <h2 id="saturday-hippocampus">Saturday Hippocampus</h2> <p>Saturday before my Europe trip I drove up to the Hippocampus (a friend&#39;s mountain property) for their first annual big group campout party. Most of Gora Gora rolled in during the afternoon. We had a birthday party for their daughter who turned 2. Josh had strung an anchor cable high up between two trees and we used that to belay people during a crate stacking competition. In the evening GGO hung out next to JJ&#39;s classic VW bus which amazingly made it up the mountain to the Hippocampus.</p> <p>I had a tight schedule the next morning which meant waking up at 5 AM and very quickly throwing all my camping gear into the car and hitting the road toward Boulder. I grabbed my luggage and headed toward the bus station. I had to jog a bit carrying my suitcase overhead, but I made it there with 4 minutes to spare before my airport bus took off. My hops on the way out were Pittsburgh, Reykjavik, then Stockholm.</p> <h2 id="monday-in-stockholm">Monday in Stockholm</h2> <p>In Stockholm I took a nice Volvo bus from the airport to my airbnb neighborhood Fridhemsplan. I found my airbnb and got settled in. I showered since there was no time in the previous morning. I felt super guilty about taking a trans-atlantic flight without a fresh shower, but that&#39;s how it had to be. The shower was really tiny. I know European showers are smaller than in the US but this was like coffin-sized. I could not lift my elbows to horizontal without them both hitting the wall and could not bend forward so there was a lot of yoga tree pose type washing going on.</p> <p>Then I walked around my neighborhood a lot and got a latte at espresso house, which is a chain coffee shop but seems to be the only game in town with decent hours and wifi. In the evening I walked over a bridge to an adjacent neighborhood and got some Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam at a popular and hip restaurant.</p> <h2 id="tuesday-in-stockholm">Tuesday in Stockholm</h2> <p>Started Tuesday with coffee and blogging at Espresso House. I walked past Stockholm Central Station and up through the shopping strip through Normalm up to Vasastan then back home. I ate lunch of Pasta Carbonara heavy on the fresh cracked pepper at a tiny Italian restaurant. Then jet lag hit so I slept and rested for almost three hours.</p> <p>In the evening I went to a guided meditation meetup group around the corner, which was really nice. Then I walked around Gamla Stan, ate a meal of mussels and got ice cream for dessert.</p> <h2 id="wednesday-in-falun">Wednesday in Falun</h2> <p>I started Wednesday with a bad cafe breakfast and some rust coding at Espresso House. Then I went to the train station and took a train to Börlange when Henrik picked me up. Henrik lived with my family for a year as a foreign exchange student when I was in the 6th grade or so. He had his son Fredrik with him who is 14. We toured the area a bit, which is a forested valley full of trees and lakes surrounded by rolling hills and small mountains. We picked up a bunch of specialty provisions at the grocery store then went to his house for dinner. I met his wife Camilla and daughter Tilda who is 19. Henrik grilled a big chunk of sirloin on the grill on the dock and we ate outside in the long evening light. After dinner we had a quick swim in the chilly lake water then straight into the hot tub to recover. Fredrik told me a lot about motorcycle racing and took me to the garage to show off the stable of racing bikes. He competes at the national level for team Kawasaki and Henrik coaches and serves as team tailgate chef.</p> <p>I slept in their cute little guest cottage which them let as a B&amp;B.</p> <h2 id="thursday-adventures">Thursday Adventures</h2> <p>In the morning Henrik made bacon and eggs on a big griddle on the dock. We drove to the copper mine that is a centerpiece in the town and toured around a bit. Then we did a tour of the Lugnet athletic facility that was Henrik&#39;s big work project for several years building and renovating ski jumps for the 2015 world championships.</p> <p>We did a long car ride into Stockholm and visited the Vasa Museum, which is pretty fascinating. Then we drove to the outskirts of town where Henrik&#39;s brother Daniel docks his boat. We took the boat through the narrow waterways around Stockholm looking at the interesting waterfront homes there. We had a slow cocktail at a restaurant called The Old Smokehouse and a leisurely dinner into the evening. Then back on the boat and slowly made our way into the heart of Stockholm by 5-knot speed waterway. The lights reflecting on the still water were spectacular. It was past 10PM by now. We went through a lock up into fresh water and dropped me off in the neighborhood of my airbnb.</p> <p>It was a super amazing day packed with awesome stuff. I hadn&#39;t seen Henrik in about 25 years!</p> <h2 id="friday-travels">Friday Travels</h2> <p>Friday I did some more exploring of Stockholm in the morning and visited a liqorice and chocolate shop to get some gifts for Mom. Then I took the bus to the airport and flew to Zagreb, Croatia.</p> <p>I took a shuttle from the airport to the Zagreb train station. I waited around a long time for a streetcar/metro that never came then I just decided to walk about 35 minutes to the airbnb.</p> <p>I arrived around 1 AM and rendezvoused with Chris who had been in Zagreb most of the week already. We are attending the World Saxophone Congress. We went together in 2006 (it was in Ljubljana, Slovenia that year). Chris went once on his own when it was in France, and we were going again this year. The event is held every three years.</p> <h2 id="saturday-world-saxophone-congress">Saturday World Saxophone Congress</h2> <p>Saturday we slept late, walked around a bit, got a nice big fancy lunch with risotto and gnocchi. Then we visited some of the sax congress. We played some Selmer saxophones and chatted with several folks. We heard a concert in a church with a premier of a piece for sax quartet and choir. We also heard a saxophone ensemble piece in the music school building, then the final evening concert in the main concert hall of several concerti played with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra.</p> <h2 id="sunday-train">Sunday Train</h2> <p>Early Sunday morning we walked to the train station and managed to get on our train departing Zagreb heading toward our transfer in Villach. Once on board the train, deciphering our train tickets was a real puzzle. They were in German since we bought them from the Austrian train company since Vienna was our destination. I remembered paying a few extra Euro for reserved seats, but for the life of us we could not figure out how to map the words/numbers on our tickets to these little strips of paper above each booth and seat on the train. We had all of our luggage with us so Chris just sat down in a car and I dropped luggage to go explore. I eventually realized that &quot;wagen 273&quot; was the car number and we were in wagen 271. I went 2 cars down and eventually found seat numbers 101 and 103 which then explained that &quot;Fenster&quot; and &quot;Mitte&quot; meant &quot;Window&quot; and &quot;Aisle&quot;. I went back and got Chris and got us into our proper reserved seats in the 2nd class car.</p> <p>The ride all the way across Slovenia was pretty. We made our transfer and started heading for Vienna. We arrived in the afternoon, took the underground to the Innere Stadt old city neighborhood and found our AirBnb, which was really nice and in a great location.</p> <p>We were starving since we basically hadn&#39;t eaten anything that day and it was 4 PM so we ducked into an Austrian restaurant with a basement dining room and ordered a huge meat plate and feasted. We walked to the Belvedere Palace and walked around the gardens in the evening.</p> <h2 id="monday-belvedere">Monday Belvedere</h2> <p>Monday Chris and I toured the Schloss Belvedere both the gardens and the interior which houses a museum with a nice variety of galleries. I think we ate dinner at the Indian restaurant directly in front of our apartment.</p> <h2 id="tuesday-castle">Tuesday Castle</h2> <p>Tuesday we took a regional train out a small way into the country to visit the Kreitzenstein Castle. There&#39;s a path through the woods you can walk up which is a great way to visit a castle. The castle itself was really cool and interesting to visit. We ate lunch there then headed back to Vienna. In the afternoon we walked the gardens of Schloss Schonnbrunn and then out to see the Danube.</p> <h2 id="wednesday-castle">Wednesday Castle</h2> <p>Wednesday morning we took another train ride and bus ride to another castle, which was also great. Our tour was only 4 people which was nice. Chris did the interior of Schonnbrunn in the afternoon back in Vienna. We got really good cakes for dessert at a cafe close to our apartment.</p> <p>Overall it was a super awesome trip. Definitely the boat trip through Stockholm and cakes in Vienna were the highlights for me.</p> <p>Here&#39;s some photos.</p> <iframe align="center" frameborder="0" height="375" scrolling="no" width="500" src=""></iframe> So Much StuffThu Aug 02 2018 01:24:03 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<p>I got back home from family reunion in Steamboat this past Saturday and things have been going non-stop since then. So many big changes in a huge batch.</p> <p>Saturday I mostly packed and shopped for a new car. Had a final dinner with my folks at Arcana and they flew home on Sunday. On Sunday I did the real final packing up of my Boulder apartment. Monday I had to take a bus out to Longmont to pick up my U-Haul box truck, drove that back to Boulder, and loaded it up with 2 movers helping me from craigslist. They were super awesome and we got the truck loaded in about two hours. I drove the truck to Louisville and we unpacked in about one hour. </p> <p>Of course, working Internet was first priority and we tried 3 different rooms and 3 different coax hook-ups before our final option which was buying a coax cable at the thrift store and connecting to an available coax outlet in the wall (most of the cables just poke out of the floor/ceiling in weird places), and that finally worked. Yay wifi!</p> <p>Then I returned the truck in Louisville and had my moving helper drive me to Lakewood to look at a cargo van. It turned out to have manual door locks so we drove back in rush hour traffic. Then I tried to do some basic furniture arranging and unpacking so I could sleep in a bed, take a shower, etc.</p> <p>Tuesday morning I had breakfast at the new Moe&#39;s Bagel in Louisville (wherever I move, there seems to be a Moe&#39;s nearby) and over coffee did most of my online address change stuff. I shopped for refrigerators and cargo vans on craigslist. Then home for more unpacking and setting stuff up. My office is mostly up and running (Internet, desk, surge protector, printer, speakers, etc).</p> <p>Then I borrowed a friend&#39;s car and went to look at a cargo van in Brighton. I bought a low-mileage used 2014 Nissan NV-200 SV. It&#39;s basically a minivan with empty cargo space instead of seats. Within the first day I have already backed it up to a loading dock and transported a full-size refrigerator. Van power!</p> <p>I couldn&#39;t drive the van off the lot because it was just me in a borrowed car so I returned the car then went home to talk through remodelling plans with Stephen at 5. After that Bre gave me a ride back to the dealership so I could drive the new van home. I stopped in Lafayette to celebrate with delicious Thai from Panaang.</p> <p>There are many new people in my house! My 2 official housemates, their 2 kids who will be here 1/2 time, and their 2 giant dogs. Also to help with the move Olivia&#39;s parents and neices are up from New Mexico so there&#39;s current something like 10 mammals upstairs. Also the 2-car garage is full of stuff. Like full full. Lots of people and lots of stuff this week!</p> <p>More wacky logistics this morning. I got up early and drove the new van to Boulder Hybrid, took a lyft to my old apartment, drove my Insight to Boulder Hybrid to drop it off for a repair, then drove the van back home to try to meet a plumber who was expected at 9. I made it, but he ended up being late anyway.</p> <p>After the plumber I went to Longmont and bought a new but scratch and dent discount refrigerator for my kitchenette. It took them a really long time to complete the sale, but I was able to transport it in the van. Olivia&#39;s father Jim helped me take the doors off, schlep it down the stairs, and get it positioned in the basement.</p> <p>Then I basically collapsed for 2 hours. That&#39;s a lot of stuff going on for like 5 straight days.</p> <p>On top of that, I&#39;m also considering joining one of my consulting clients as a full-time employee. Plus I have 4 rehearsals and 2 gigs over the past 8 days, and Gora Gora has a lot of services booked in August.</p> HippocampusSun Jul 08 2018 21:20:28 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<p>Yesterday a group of friends hung out and camped at a mountain property called the &quot;Hippocampus&quot; out past Lyons, CO. We ate birthday cake, grilled meats, played crate stacking (my favorite sport), and chatted around the campsite.</p> <p>I had to get up at 5 AM and hurriedly pack up my camp, drive to Boulder, make some final packing adjustments, then walk/run to the bus station to catch a 6:29 AM bus to Denver airport. I made it but only had about 4 minutes to spare. I&#39;m on a layover in Pittsburgh now and heading to Stockholm shortly. It&#39;ll be my first visit to Sweden and I&#39;m looking forward to it.</p> A Good DayFri Apr 20 2018 16:50:49 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<p>Yesterday was a good day. In the morning I dug through old mail for some due diligence receipts I need for the process of selling my house in Louisville. I am mostly blocked waiting on code review at work so I just had to do my standup call and a little AWS teardown work for another client. I had an early lunch then headed to Boxcar to tweak my new laptop configuration. After a brief nap I biked to Boulder Rock Club for fitness class which was good and envigorating. After that I stopped home to change then headed to the Happy Thursday Cruiser ride (cowboy costume theme), which was a lot of fun. I wound down watching some Lemony Snickett on NetFlix before exhaustion took over and I headed to bed pretty early.</p> HeadphonesTue Mar 27 2018 16:40:19 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<p>For years my favorite headphones were some <a href="">Mee Audio basic ear buds</a>. They were cheap enough to shrug off getting lost or broken, tiny, lightweight, comfortable when worn with eyeglasses, and had the type of over-the-ear loops to keep them in place at the gym. Of course at $20 they are not audiophile gear, but I bought pairs in 2010, 2011, and 2016 and really liked them.</p> <p>I was going to get yet another pair to replace my bluetooth over-the-ear headphones because they hurt when worn with eyeglasses and I was delighted to find that basically the exact same earbuds now come in a <a href="">wireless bluetooth version</a> AND that version is also about $22.</p> <p>So now I can keep my glasses on and also do air squats during my status calls.</p> BetterTue Mar 27 2018 16:31:47 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<p>So after the intensity of my time at Recurse Center I hit a bit of depression and was feeling bad for a while. Work was slow to start up after the sabbatical, it was winter and dark, etc. There was a good while there I wasn&#39;t feeling myself and typically my demeanor is pretty happy and motivation is generally plentiful.</p> <p>It seems mostly better now. I&#39;ve been doing some group fitness classes at Boulder Rock Club. It took three months, but I&#39;m actually starting to feel my fitness level increase if only slightly.</p> <p>I&#39;ve got a little bit of work as well, which is good.</p> <p>I put my soprano sax, tenor sax, bari sax, and clarinet on sale which felt both good and bad. One of my bandmates bought the bari so I&#39;m glad that will be getting played. If I ever have need for those horns I can buy they, but they&#39;ve been in the closet collecting dust long enough that it was time to let them go and use that cash for things that would actually be nice like a laptop with a battery that lasts more than 90 minutes.</p> Thanksgiving Catch-up PostTue Dec 19 2017 21:32:36 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<p>Here&#39;s a blast post of what I can remember from the last month or so, which has been busy with lots of good stuff.</p> <p>Tuesday before Thanksgiving I went to Barbès to hear Slavic Soul Party, which was a real treat. The next morning I took the bus out to Lambertville. My Mom had a bunch of stitches in her hand and was instructed to rest it, so I helped with cooking the stuffing and mashed potatoes and helped Dad yell at Mom to stop doing things. &quot;Violation!&quot; we exclaimed whenever she reached for a cooking implement.</p> <p>Thanksgiving was medium-small with mostly my core family, Uncle Eddie, and one of my parents&#39; friends. Mom got a turkey breast instead of a whole bird to roast which I think was a real pro move. We also researched a bunch of recipes in a confirmation bias experiment where Mom claims first to be unsure about the time and temperature to roast the turkey and asks me to find some recipes on the web, then to discount any I find that contradict her unspoken and preheld ideas of what the correct answer is. Then she just cooks it how she thinks and it comes out great. The mashed potatoes I made with crumbled butter on top came out pretty amazing both in appearance and taste.</p> <p>Saturday after Thanksgiving we threw a big party celebrating my Mom&#39;s 70th birthday (which is in December). Mostly my sister did 99% of the work and then Matt, Frankie, and I did one trip to the grocery store in Flemington to pick up the cake and balloons and last few things. A lot of my Mom&#39;s friends and family came and it was really great. Kate collected old photos and made a slideshow which Frankie projected onto one of the walls. My nephews served as coat check attendants.</p> <p>Then it was back to New York for more Recurse Center. That next Friday Shannon came to visit and we kicked off the weekend with a visit to Momofuku Ramen, which we learned about watching the PBS series &quot;The Mind of a Chef&quot; which features Chef David &quot;Top it off with a poached egg&quot; Chang for all of season 1. It was really good and we didn&#39;t have to wait long. The spacing was tight but otherwise there wasn&#39;t too many &quot;this restaurant has been on national TV&quot; shenanigans. I was super exhausted from the long days at Recurse Center so needed to crash right after that.</p> <p>Saturday we had Brunch in Brooklyn and then went into Manhattan to see the Downton Abbey Exhibition in the evening. It was really neat to see all the fancy costumes: wool tuxedos and endless evening gowns.</p> <p>Sunday we had breakfast sandwiches at my place in Park Slope then did some brownstone touring around the neighborhood, visited the specialty chocolate shop, then got ready to go to Manhattan for dinner and a show. Dinner was at Porteño, then some drinks at a hotel bar next to the venue, and the show was Sleep No More, which was really fun and engaging. I was super exhausted when the show and post-show live jazz were over and realized my version of taking it easy to rest up over the weekend involved something like 30 hours being out and about doing stuff in NYC.</p> <p>The following weekend I saw a long night of music at The Ktichen called &quot;Forever Weird&quot; which had Kamikaze Ground Crew, Jazz Passengers, and The Microscopic Septet performing. There&#39;s a <a href="">write-up in the NY Times here</a>. The next day I went to visit Andrew and Ariel who live not too far from my sublet. We were joined by Peter, Elizabeth, and Mark as well. It was my first time meeting new baby Isla who is super cute, and they have a pretty kitty as well.</p> <p>From there I went to Brooklyn Boulders to do a coaching session with one of their coaches Danny. Main tips were I need to start movements with my feet and move everything in order from feet up through knees and hips and only move my upper body as the last component. We also talked about using drop knees as a primary technique on any overhang. He also showed me some good stretches for my legs which are super tight with low mobility. I feel like there&#39;s better techniques available now and I might try to work on that consistently next year. Will be writing up some plans for changes in 2018 soon.</p> <p>That week I had dinner with my parents, Matt, and Frankie at Cookshop on 10th Ave on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning I got up early to a snowstorm, and met up with another recurser to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was snowing and cold so there was no view of sunrise, but still a cool experience and lots of interesting visuals. Thursday evening was my last day at Recurse Center, the &quot;never graduate&quot; ceremony, and the RC holiday party.</p> <p>Recurse Center was a really great experience for me. I definitely accomplished my main goal which was to get past the steep part of the rust programming language&#39;s learning curve. The community aspect of it I think will be a long-term major thing for me. I haven&#39;t really connected to the Denver tech scene partly because I hate driving there, and the Boulder scene is just pretty small.</p> <p>I rested up on Friday which was my first post-RC day. I also went into Manhattan to practice sax at Michiko studios which is sadly only accessible via Times Square. Times Square around Christmas is a crazy high rage-per-footstep ratio, but I got through it without shoving anyone out of the way. Saturday I found a music studio in Brooklyn that would rent me a room to practice in so I did that.</p> <p>Sunday I took Metro North up to Poughkeepsie to visit Chris. We grabbed lunch at a diner then headed to the high school across the street for the Hudson Valley Saxophone Orchestra concert. My former sax professor Paul Cohen was there and it was fun to see him and hear him play soprano and sopranino. The group has both bass and contrabass saxophones which is pretty awesome. They invited any sax players in the audience to join them on the final group of holiday tunes and quite a few of us took them up on it. Oh man my sight reading is terrible! Who said you could have a key change in the middle of a song? What&#39;s up with that even?</p> <p>After a nap, Chris, Liz, and I went to see Star Wars at a small theater nearby. I loved it! It was easily my favorite Star Wars yet.</p> <p>On Sunday after sleeping in I practiced sax while Chris and Liz went for a run. Then we went over to Mohonk where Alex met up with us for a music camp sax team reunion. We hiked around up to the tower. It was cold and misty. Then we had a huge buffet lunch in the Mohonk Mountain House. My travel plan was to have Alex drive me to the Oradell train station, which is near his house and I&#39;d make my way from there back to Brooklyn. But apparently the schedule is weird in that there are frequent drains all day then an unexpected period between like 4PM and 9PM when no trains run east. I didn&#39;t account for this so we had to do some smartphone scrambling on the drive toward Alex&#39;s house. I eventually found an NJ Transit bus I could take from Dumont, NJ in to Port Authority. $6 and like 9 million stops later, I was back in the city and then a quick Q train ride into Brooklyn had me home in time to watch s03e10 of Mr Robot before zonking out.</p> <p>This morning I went and had a sax lesson with Peter Hess who plays alto in Slavic Soul Party. We worked on the idiomatic phrasing used in balkan sax playing, which I find impossible to learn on my own and need someone to slow down to like 1/10th speed and talk me through all the stylizations they do on almost every note that give it the right sound. It was fun but similar to Balkan Camp, I&#39;m not very optimistic of my chances of being able to really integrate it into my playing, but we&#39;ll see how it goes with some shedding sessions (or &quot;drilling&quot; as it&#39;s apparently called).</p> <p>I&#39;m in RC today blogging just for fun and because the WiFi at my apartment is abysmal. Hoping to get a final few visits to Brooklyn Boulders in before heading to NJ for Christmas on Friday.</p> <p>Here&#39;s some photos of the 2nd part of my time here in NYC this fall.</p> <iframe align="center" frameborder="0" height="375" scrolling="no" width="500" src=""></iframe> New KlezmerSun Nov 19 2017 00:33:56 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<p>So I was shopping around for live music and found a klezmer show at Barbès which is a short walk from my apartment, and it featured Ben Holmes - my old friend and roommate from summer music camp! It was all new original compositions and it was great. I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve seen Ben in at least 6 years. I was also stoked to see the same venue is where the Slavic Soul Party weekly gig is on Tuesday nights, so I&#39;m definitely going to check that out.</p> <p>Recurse Center has been really great. It&#39;s so nice to be able to buckle down and work on self-motivated stuff all day for many weeks. Tomorrow I hope to practice some sax in a nearby music studio so my chops don&#39;t disappear entirely. Also planning to maybe get my initial &quot;BeastIndex&quot; fitness measurement at Brooklyn Boulders.</p> BrooklynMon Nov 13 2017 04:33:46 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<p>So I&#39;ve finished my first week at Recurse Center. It&#39;s been great so far, but I&#39;ve been working a lot more intensely than I&#39;m accustomed to and it&#39;s made me tired. I got to rest up today though and am feeling good about diving back in tomorrow. It&#39;s been fun exploring Park Slope around my sublet and SoHo around Recurse Center. I walked past a queue of entrepreneurs waiting to get into AWS Loft. I had my first NYC bagel and brooklyn pizza. Someone brought in Cronuts and I got to eat half a cronut without waiting in line for four hours. I made my first cup of coffee in a chemex (don&#39;t like it, cools off too much). I saw the NYC marathon and an early morning fleet of NYPD tow trucks heading out to a day&#39;s work of towing.</p> <p>I went to see the NYC premier of the Reel Rock climbing documentaries, which was great. Chris Sharma was there and Cedar Wright was hysterical.</p> <p>Saturday afternoon I did some top roping at Brooklyn Boulders with two of my RC batchmates followed by ramen dinner.</p> <p>Today I mostly stayed home and rested up and only coded a little bit, sipping on my keurig chocolate flavored coffee.</p> <p>I went through all of the Academy Award winners in the most important categories going back to 1990 or so and am working my way through the list. I recently watched Moonlight and Spotlight both of which were fantastic.</p> <iframe align="center" frameborder="0" height="375" scrolling="no" width="500" src=""></iframe> SubletSat Nov 04 2017 18:11:32 GMT+0000 (UTC)//<p>This morning I moved into the sublet that should be my home for the duration of my visit. Like many things about NYC, it&#39;s mostly great except for this one weird thing. It&#39;s great for subway access to Recurse Center and just in general. It&#39;s a short walk from the Brooklyn Boulders climbing gym. I&#39;ve got a separate entrance and my own bathroom. However, the furnished room is furnished for a toddler. :-/</p> <p>Other misc NYC observations: blocking the box happens all the time and people don&#39;t seem to consider it as deeply unholy as when I was here a decade ago. Every crossing guard I have seen has been actively chatting on a bluetooth earpiece. Lyft drivers will stay completely silent unless spoken to (which is fine with me).</p> <p>Last night I went to the Irish Arts Center to hear my Aunt Alice Lyons do a poetry reading as part of the PoetryFest they are having. About to go to midtown again for today&#39;s reading.</p> <p>Tomorrow I might do my fitness consultation and &quot;Beast Index&quot; fitness test at Brooklyn Boulders, we&#39;ll see.</p>